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Green Living Tips: The KEY to Survival

Green Living is the KEY to Survival


Close up of tree against sky of green living


Green living tips can be helpful for planet-loving people with all types of passions — even those already engaging in green activities.

If you rate your adventures by trails conquered, fish caught or vertical feet climbed, it’s safe to say you’re in the category of The Outdoor Enthusiast. Your adventure-seeking self has a love for the planet — and we’re here with sustainability tips so you can leave an even smaller footprint.

Get out while going green

Hiking, biking, and even walking are great ways to spend time outside without leaving a large footprint on the planet. On top of getting exercise, you’ll soak in the great outdoors and much-needed vitamin D.

For an outdoor activity at home, get a garden up and running. Plants absorb harmful carbon emissions and can grow without harsh pesticides. Plus, growing organic fruits and vegetables saves you a trip to the store. If you don’t have a yard, potted plants can get the job done for green living as well.

Protect yourself the natural way

Spending time outdoors is good for the soul, but can be interrupted by those pesky mosquitos. Bug spray is a must and can be used sustainably if you buy a natural one free of harmful chemicals. Choose products made from essential oils like those from Wondercide.

Make sure you’re protecting your skin when you’re outside. More exposure to the sun means you should kick up the SPF. Find natural and safe sunscreen, free of harmful chemicals — and do the environment a favor by picking a nonaerosol variety.

Green Living

Get your green gear

The Outdoor Enthusiast prioritizes the planet — and it’s easy for you to go the extra mile with sustainable gear. The fewer synthetic materials are the better. Try to buy materials made of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool.

Synthetics release CO2 and nitrous oxide into the air during production — plus they’re not normally recyclable. Opt for clothing, water bottles, bags, and gear made from renewable, organic, upcycled, and recycled materials like those found at EarthHero.

Sustainable snacking

Snacking helps thwart off those hunger pangs between meals, but between processing, packaging, and transporting it to you, it can be a real bummer for the environment. Local products with organically sourced ingredients are the way to go. They tend to be fresher and chemical-free.

Up the ante by finding food with reusable or compostable packaging — the wrappers will be good for the planet, and the snacks will be good for your taste buds. Cut down on plastics, making sure your cookware and utensils are eco-friendly — like bamboo or stainless steel — and reuse them each time you venture out.

Give back to your planet

Green living consist of preserving the environment is important because people outnumber the places to explore. Whether you’re rock climbing, camping, or photographing nature, make sure you leave without a trace.

Considering a spruce-up at home with some DIY home improvements? Check back for our next blog in the sustainability series featuring The Home Renovator. We’ll show you ways to upgrade your house while keeping it green. From carpets to roofs, we’ll teach you how to live for the planet while making improvements to your home.

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