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Herman Miller Relaunches Iconic Chiclet Designs

After its many years marked as a highly coveted vintage store find, design lovers will be thrilled to hear that the Wilkes Modular Sofa is now back in production. For those who aren’t familiar, it may be a surprise at first glance to hear that this piece was designed by Ray Wilkes in the ’70s. Its Pop colors, modular design, and picture-perfection make it eerily fitting for today’s times. In fact, when Ray designed the sofa in ’76, it was an innovational feat, using revolutionary foam molding injections to create the flawlessly smooth outer shell, allowing it to be dubbed the Chiclet sofa for its resemblance to the perfectly rotund and similarly vibrant chewing gum.  

Image may contain Furniture Couch Armchair and Chair

The design is available in three configurations. 

Image courtesy of Herman Miller

Thanks to its cutting-edge design, Herman Miller is able to bring the modular staple back to its shelves using the same construction and product methods as the original. They’ve also kept the integrated table option, which means buyers can configure the sofa with an attached side table however they would like. 

It’s not to be mistaken for the original: Herman Miller has also added its own modern touch, incorporating a USB charging port, as well as a swanky new selection of Maharam textiles on top of the classic selection of bright solids. With these exciting new additions, we expect the HM version to be just as coveted as those still lingering on the digital realms of vintage sites. Prices range from $1,695 to $3,495. 

Wilkes Modular Chair

Wilkes Modular Sofa – Two Seater

Wilkes Modular Sofa – Three Seater

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