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The Best-Looking Dog Beds for Your Furry Best Friend

Like most pet parents, I’ve learned a lot about what makes the best dog beds over the last several years. I’ve spent countless dollars on cushions and pillows that didn’t quite meet the approval of my neurotic hound mix, Leona, ending up shredded to pieces or, at best, ignored. Leona loves to sleep, but she’s also incredibly rough on her furniture; she loves to dig and scratch before settling into a comfortable nest, she’s a chewer (which has destroyed many a lining and trim), and she especially loves to stretch her incredibly long frame across the entire width of whatever surface she finds herself on—no donut beds for her.

Having a big dog also means their furniture is going to be big, so you might as well pick an option or three (yes, Leona has three, don’t at me) you don’t hate looking at because it’s going to take up a fair chunk of real estate in your home. In hopes that my many years of research and experimentation with pretty much every type of dog bed on the market won’t be in vain, I’ve rounded up 17 options to help you find the right fit for your fur baby.

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